Again, wouldn't be great if someone from Canonical or the Ubuntu community had some official guidance or advice to offer here, rather than speculation as to why no upgrade is available? I'll get off my soapbox now.

It feels like an Android release, back when I had a Nexus phone. Day of release != the day you're offered the upgrade.

That's okay. I understand release engineering is incredibly complex. But just a tiny bit of communication would go a long way here.

So my Fedora 30 Intel NUC decided to lag to what feels like < 30 fps. Dragging windows is choppy. BIOS recently updated, XFCE, Plasma installed, then removed, so difficult to diagnose. F30 on my ThinkPad is butter-smooth. Both Intel GPU, minimal, identical extensions.

My first computer build (~2001) was with this exact Antec case and Asus motherboard. Only difference was my PIII CPU was 1.2 GHz, not 1.4. I installed Mandrake Linux (you know, Red Hat with KDE 🙂).

Those chomping at the bit for CentOS 8 may be a little disappointed that, although EPEL 8 is now a thing, the amount of available packages is nowhere near that of EPEL 7 - at least yet.

In the past couple of weeks, Firefox on Wayland has suddenly become much more stable for me. No blank content windows, or non-working menus. Perhaps due to Firefox 69, or Intel driver update? Who knows.

Perhaps time for Ubuntu to offer an optional Firefox on Wayland package?

The live stream of Warner's First 10 years of UNIX begins at 1230 UTC (6 minutes from the time of this toot

Quite happy with this aluminum 4-bay trayless hotswap cage. Turned the 80mm cage fan on low and drive temps were 28C idle / 30C under load. Room ambient is 24C. Extending the life of a cheap 9 year old case.

The vast majority of Chinese-made (Rosewill, Chenbro, iStarUSA,Norco, etc.) server cases on Newegg and Amazon have yet to enter era of USB 3.0.

Some cases still have a space dedicated for a floppy disk drive (yes, in 2019) that can be filled with one of these. I ordered on today.

Intranet page drop-down updated to show server's ZFS pool status

Fedora Program Manager Report - 6 Sep.

What caught my eye...F31 is on track with target release date of 22 Oct.

I hope to combine my server and desktop into one computer. In my shopping, one thing I find unfortunate is the dearth of server cases that have USB3 ports - as if it's 2009.

This is one of the few exceptions, currently sold out at Newegg:

I do wish PC enclosures today weren't all black, occasionally accented by silver or gaudy RGB LEDs. I've always found the exterior colors of Sun hardware pleasant.

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