One sign that I'm old school: I like to keep my music library on my phone.

But it means I have a lot of files to copy w/new phone. Kudos to Samsung for supporting microSD cards so this process can be done on a laptop.

Found on my NAS, backed up from an iMac long ago... (18 January 2011)

Then there's cases like this that have ridiculously large internal volume, and almost place to put hard drives. Guess cases like this area all about accommodating super long graphics cards. 😞

This NAS chassis comes highly recommended by Jim Salter, of Ars Technica, and co-host of the TechSNAP podcast. Requires a deep rack.

Another potential home NAS case, it even takes ATX power supply. No dust filter though. Also awkward to lay sideways on rack shelf given the side panel bulges - it's tough being a geek sometimes.

There's a huge unfilled hole in the market between enterprise rack-mounted NAS (often with small high RPM fans and no dust filters) and consumer miniITX NAS cubes.

I've had my eye on the Silverstone CS381 for over a year, as a candidate for a home NAS. Reviews seem to pop up every 6 months or so, but it doesn't seem yet be for sale after debuting at CES 2018.

Not too often you see an email from Greg K-H show in in your inbox. :)

I opened a bug report w/Fedora earlier in the year. It was passed by Red Hat to the upstream kernel developers.

Of all the Linux VMs I've run on this ThinkPad (Fedora host), I don't think I've ever seen a VM boot and shut down as fast as Debian 10. It almost feels container-like fast.

I bet a Debian 10 XFCE desktop would feel snappy on bare metal.

Cockpit running on Debian 10 Buster. A simple 'apt install cockpit' is all it took to get going.

I see a fun inexpensive summer project ahead. Either a small streaming box or intranet server.

Amazed that this 2013 Nexus 7 is still going strong thanks to LineageOS. Still on the original battery.

One of my frustrations with Ubuntu is the occasional very slow speed with which updates download. Firefox and Chromium updates took over ten minutes today, on a 300 Mb/s connection.

I often saturate my connection when downloading Fedora updates, usually from a university-hosted mirror.

If you find an ICC color profile that better matches your laptop screen, and that makes your day, you might be a geek. I'm a geek.

Make this thing light gray & remove the silly side window, you got a gnarly 90s-look UNIX server box.

Strangely, for such a large box, it's missing hard drive storage.

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