hey everybody!
hopefully I am posting this correctly; was looking for an alternative to mainstream social medias like fb & Twitter, where I can connect with like minded individuals from a more diverse populous.

I am single father and a recovering addict (four years!).. longterm proponent of linux and FOSS; interests are windows dev, security research, organic gardening, farmers markets, diy stuff, self studying & having constant curiosity for learning.

@ph Welcome! I think you will find a diverse populous here :-).
Have lots of fun!

@kev ty! Your how to for mastadon was helpful, btw.

@ph Welcome! I think you may have found the right place!

@ph welcome. I'm into organic gardening too. Enjoy yourself here.

@ph welcome! i'm new here, too. it has been a week. 😃

@ph Welcome to the fediverse! Lots of interesting and engaging folks around here :)

@lintyjuggler90 here lately I am single dad to a very lil baby; that taking overwhelming amount of my time. I am hoping as she grows up we may share a common interest to geek out on. I have been reading a lot on reverse engineering binaries & w10 mitigations (amsi/defender etc). Also setup a win10 pro box with visual studio for messing around on. I began running Linux as primary in 97/98, so figure it time to brush up on what business break so I can support bb

@ph Very nice! I wish you the best in caring for her. I have a little one as well and we're just getting to the point we can geek out over some things together.
I'm doing a bit of the reverse. Ran mostly Win and dabbled in Linux. Recently made a full transition to Linux and learning more of the core.

@lintyjuggler90 thanks man, linux is a wonderful thing for control freaks and tech geeks.. really for everyone what with how far it has come in the usability/no brainer distributions department.

I am always excited when someone asks me to wipe a computer they got for free recently and they tell me they know NOTHING.. because that means they don't have preconceived notions that windows is a necessity and I can load them up with mint or something.

@lintyjuggler90 what distro are you running? I mostly use Debian these days... when I have the time I would like to give Qubes a try.. with various linux vm, i read up and it sounds like my kinda party.. i even have more ddr3 waiting to be installed to make it more enjoyable experience!

@ph I ran Debian and Fedora pretty extensively in the past but switched to Kubuntu for slightly better support of gaming and not a big fan of Gnome 3. I run CentOS and Debian on some servers and regularly playing with some other distros in VMs.
Somehow I missed Qubes. Might need to give it a look too.

@lintyjuggler90 Qubes is a whole other concept. I forget what they call it... rather than an OS in traditional sense it basically acts as a virtualization dock and can isolate each app in its own stream/vm with color coded windows to keep track of what's what. I don't know if i am doing the concept justice in explanation..

In short, it's the latest attempt at sticking it to the international attack on privacy.

It's posted correctly and, yes, this is a decent alternative.

There may or may not be much talk
But the principle is solid as a rock
This venue is part of a balanced diet
It's at least worth the time to try it
I don't mean to raise alarms
But the corporate sites are farms
and you're the crop
It's best to let them drop

Four years suggests that you made it through
A productive life did ensue
Linux and FOSS are my hoss
Learning is value earning
Sounds good
Welcome to the hood


@ph Welcome! Hope you find some interesting people to connect with.

@sitron so far so good! Judging by viewing the various profiles and feeds of those who have welcomed me thus far, I have found what I was looking for.

Finding the fediverse feels reminiscent of when I first discovered the bbs scene and then later linux community on irc in the 90s.

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