@pezzoDiPeco not everything works but this is one of the pmos devices that has the most stuff done. you can see the status on wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Goo

@martijnbraam what does it mean that "Data cells and calls partially work"?

@pezzoDiPeco The calls itself work but the audio doesn't work on hammerhead so you can't say/hear anything. I'm not sure about the mobile data support.


@martijnbraam dies it exists a way to make it better the hardware support in pmos?

@martijnbraam @pezzoDiPeco

It was, I have partially conmplete patches on repo, they just need a class h driver, and I probably won't have a go at that for a good while

@pezzoDiPeco headphone amplifier, currently you can make a fuzzing noise

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