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@cj I do my best to avoid deciding a person's worth. I try to decide if I want to hangout with them, work with them on a certain thing, support them in a certain decision or action. I also try to make this decisions short term only, maybe I will feel differently in the future.

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You can finally donate to #Gadgetbridge again.

After more than a year we bit the bullet and re-enabled donations on liberapay by complying with what had to be done to make that work. We were already almost dried up and were unable buy devices we wanted to support. To make #Gadgetbridge even better please consider to donate.

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Is Reddit bad and best avoided, like Google/Apple/Facebook/Amazon/Microsoft?

Choose "other" if you think it should be avoided, but for different reasons.

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@aral @Gargron what the actual fuck? how did they go about this? what was the reason you where talking with them in the first place?

@geotechland If it's good enough to watch youtube at 1080 and netflix, it a perfect device for around the house.

@cadadr @ataraxia937
Can you talk a bit more about this? I never looked at email from this perspective and I don't really see how email is semi-public.

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@joelghill I am very curious and hopeful for this device

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A hardy welcome to all of our new friends from India. We hope you like it here!

"Why Twitter's rival Mastodon was trending in India"

@aral @meta @kensanata @mattj
Google has a lot of power over email, but Facebook has complete power over Whatsapp. Many people (most?) use gmail, but I can use something else and still talk to them.
These differences are very important.

@kensanata @aral @mattj

I really hope matrix makes it and (in a brilliant and unlikely future) mainstream platforms will implement it.

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