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"That /e/ account is a nice touch!"
Great video on the /e/ phone and, of course, it's #Nextcloud account users get!

@nextcloud I'm curious about Nextcloud snap. I have nextcloud installed manually and along the time I had to do a bunch of work to maintain it. A span installation sounds a lot easier, but I'm not quite sure yet, since I don't understand it very well.

How does it handle auto-updates? Will it update me to a new version before all my apps are ready?
Will it run and update while I am doing some work?

I really hope I'll get mine by the end of the year :)

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Thanks to just over 150 sponsors, we’re ~80% of the way towards our first goal on GitHub Sponsors! Your sponsorship can help us reach the goal for as little as $2 per month :)

@kde I will have to try these changes soon. I keep seeing so many changes and fixes and I don't want to want until Kubuntu 20.10, so I will try the backports PPA.

@atineoSE I see you are keeping busy. Well done! Keep it up :)

@ubuntupodcast thanks for the bashtop tip. it is indeed the 'the ‘cool’ top alternative'.

@reset I need to test it also. I want to move to my NC

Looks like a plugin (grafana-sunburst-panel) was deleted and my instance cannot start:
No word anywhere about happened :(

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Deck for Android 1.0 is out:
➕Add new cards via tile, shortcuts & share
↔️Move lists
☑️Task counter
🆕New card layout
📣Push notifications
🗑️Revoke board access
🎚Filter cards
🏷️Auto complete
🗑️Show card counter when deleting list

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Good Morning! Here's Season 13 Episode 3 for your listening pleasure. In this week's show, audits his ThinkPads, has been busy with orange and green things and keeps us in check. We cover Ubuntu & News things.

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#Nextcloud 19 Beta 2 arrived! Help us make the final release perfect and share your thoughts on the new features 😀

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A little later than usual, we present S13E02 of the #Ubuntu Podcast with and . This week we discuss Mark's new Steam setup and bring your lovely feedback.

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