My partner is looking for time-tracking software.

Anyone here using an Android app that automatically tracks time spent at specific locations using GPS data? She has tried "Smarter Time" but she says it's pretty buggy.

She does not want a manual tracking app, because she doesn't want to start and stop the timer. She wants to be able to activate it at will, and leave it on until her workday is over, and then get a report for invoicing.

Boosts welcome to increase the crowdsource sample size.


@klaatu not sure it will help you, but I get get nice report like this from Home Assistant.
It looks something like this: user-images.githubusercontent.

@klaatu if setting up Home Assistant is overkill, look into Nextcloud with Phone Track app:
I think you can get a free Nextcloud account and install this app, but I never used it.

@petre i have a Nextcloud instance, so I'll definitely suggest this to her. Thanks, this is really cool.

@petre I'm looking at this and actually this looks really promising.

What kind of "markers" (geo fences?) can be used to detect movement? Reading over the docs, it looks like Wifi at a location can be used to "detect" that you're in that location. Do you have to log on to that Wifi, or can you just use the fact that it was detected?

What about Bluetooth? My partner's car has bluetooth, so could she use that to detect when she's driving vs. arrived at a location?

This is very cool!

@klaatu sorry, I never looked into any of this. By now you know more than I do :)
You could create another post and see if you can find some people that are involved with the project and more experienced users.
Good luck!

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