Just signed up. I am 75yrs of age, love Linux and open source software. Particularly like Kdenlive and Gnucash. Using, among other things, Linux Mint on a Macbook Air. Love Wine (both kinds) and am very fond of Islay whisky. Live in Perth, Western Australia.

@peterhind Welcome aboard! More of a gin or beer guy myself, but it sounds like you'll fit in perfectly.

Welcome! I tried to get my 77yo mother into Linux. Her problem with it was that the solitaire game is different 😂

@jfinkhaeuser Thank you for the welcome. I have the opposite problem - the whole family come to me with their puter and phone problems. Good job I like it!

@peterhind Hey, I'm almost as old as you and also into open source software. My current fun project is a server using yunohost.

@hairylarry Hi Larry. Good luck with the server. Do you have any problems with upload speed? I have fibre optic to the house but upload speed was terrible. Currently sending this on my Moto G using the ephone operating system. Seems quite stable. Cheers, Peter

@peterhind I'm on a wireless connection at the low end of broadband but my service providers know I do a lot of uploading so they open that all the way up for me. Why not? They've got plenty of upload bandwidth because most people barely use it. Besides my websites I also run a 24/7 icecast server from the house. I also have a $5/month shared hosting account for the sites that works for.
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