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Join us in celebrating the FSF's thirty-fifth year of fighting for software freedom.
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Running /e/ on my Moto g, lineage microg on my Samsung tab SM-T700, and Resurrection Remix on my Samsung S5 kltedv. Things have never been better and I am a happy man.🤗

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We hope you'll join us for our online 35th birthday celebration this Friday -- check out all the festivities we have planned! Plus, don't forget: a $35 donation gets you this cool limited edition pin:

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The Free Software Movement is a social movement in which the idea is that computer users deserve the freedom to form a community. You should have the freedom to help yourself, and the freedom to help your neighbors.

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a non-profit organization founded by Richard Stallman (rms) in 1985 to support the Free Software Movement. rms had also launched the GNU operating system in 1983!

That was just a brief description. You will learn about free software next.

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This is just to check in how much interest there is in the following:

Would you like to see Tails to run on mobile phones such as the ?
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What's Tails?
Tails a portable operating system that protects your privacy and helps you avoid censorship.

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Don't use Google or Google-owned web services

Ditto for Facebook/Instagram

Ditto for Twitter

Ditto for Microsoft

Ditto for... well, a lot. Be a smart consumer

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Facebook miracle:
I have never seen Facebook heal the sick or raise the dead.
But on a regular basis it causes the dumb to speak. - Terry Mize

Pavlov walked into a bar... Just then the telephone started ringing... He said "Shit I forgot to feed the dog!"

Just signed up. I am 75yrs of age, love Linux and open source software. Particularly like Kdenlive and Gnucash. Using, among other things, Linux Mint on a Macbook Air. Love Wine (both kinds) and am very fond of Islay whisky. Live in Perth, Western Australia.


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