@aadilayub usually if you want the purest GNOME experience I'd reccomend Fedora. If you want deb package management then I'd go Debian.

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Just discovered this service to cross-post between Mastodon and Twitter: crossposter.masto.donte.com.br
testing it out with this post (toot? tweet?). Anyways I'm @peter_hebert on twitter and peterhebert@fosstodon.org on Mastodon. Peace.

Can anyone recommend a instance that would be appropriate for posting developer focused videos? I’m thinking conference / meetup sessions, tutorials, etc.

@mike basically, don't buy a mac unless you want to be locked into their ecosystem

@Dekkard I think it would be cool if Windows switched its entire kernel to linux and what we know as Windows just becomes another desktop environment.

I had to boot into recovery mode, drop to root prompt in order to edit grub config

Upgraded to Ubuntu 18.10 to take advantage of performance improvements in GNOME 3.30, it disabled my proprietary Nvidia driver in the process, and I rebooted to a black screen. Took me several hours to get it working again. Adding ‘nomodeset’ to my grub config got xorg working in lo res mode, then was able to reinstall nvidia driver. Thought I would share in case anybody else runs into a similar issue.

@kev never tried a WASD, but I’ve had a Ducky with MX brown keys for a year or so and quite like it

@mooshoe @mike thinking of starting up a instance for tech-related videos. Glad to see a 1.0.0. release!

@DonMcCollough when they open source Windows I’ll know their intentions are pure ;)

@mike KDE Plasma is a great DE, much evolved since the “clunky” days.

@lonelycode if you're comfortable with some HTML/CSS, reveal.js is pretty good for putting together presentations that run in the browser revealjs.com/

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