Anyone got some good tips for integrating WordPress and/or Drupal to the fediverse? Mostly looking at commenting, but also want to hear about other interesting uses.


I don't actually know much about that, though I'd definitely be interested in hearing more.

My first thought is that it'd be pretty easy (for a given value of "easy") to hook them together to automatically re-post comments as toots. However, I don't think that'd be good—it risks splitting the conversation and could be pretty annoying to have automatic toots that don't get responded to/follow the same cultural norms.

@codesections I was sort of thinking it might be the other way around, where someone could toot on a Shared URL and have those mentions show on the original site. I read a bit about webmentions but not sure how it all might fit together, and whether what I’m thinking about even makes sense.

@peterhebert The Drupal Indieweb module is making good progress, including bridgy support to bridge the Indieweb with ActivityPub tools

@agaric cool thanks I'm going to take a look at this for sure

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