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@radicalrobit taking the world's least efficient database that's resilient enough to withstand multiple nuclear strikes, and layering it on top of the most brittle always-updating drm encrusted apps that are entirely centralized. Boldly innovating to get the worst of both worlds!

> pycaffe depends on skimage to do image preprocessing. As skimage moved forward in versions, they decided to rename some function argument from as_grey to as_gray.

There goes my happy afternoon

Yay! I can play YouTube videos using mpv on my crappy old laptop thanks to mpv and youtube-dl! 😄

I don't need to open the web browser so my 1,6 GHz cpu and 1GB RAM is more than enough. I've spent two days tinkering with the mpv.conf file but at last it has been a success.

No Google spying and few resources spent :)

Now, time to add all the feeds of the channels I follow to newsboat and to add the macro to open the videos with mpv.

#mpv #youtubedl

Should I at this point strive to have DNSSEC enabled for as many domains as possible?

I have just read like half of the Internet about the importance of DNSSEC and I still have no clear answer.

accidentally copied over some tildes ~ from one vim window to the other

apart from a slight color tone difference, they looked identical like the ones denoting EOF and beyond

happy debbuggin...

Although not using, the explanation is quite sufficient, so leaving it here.

Basically, no DMARC adjusting for spam and possible attachments size limitation, in addition to no sending.

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Advice needed

Email provider provides email aliases (but needs to adjust MX/TXT/NS/DMARC/DKIM/SPF for every aliased domain, pain in the ass).

Domain registrar provides email forwarding, that is trivial to set up (from -> to).

Q: Why ever use the former?

How do you guys usually write © ?

Working a little bit with OpenCV I had to get caffe Single Shot Multibox Detector running.

the road was bumpy

protip for myself: store the bcrypt string in a variable first

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had to do some double escaping shenigans in to insert a bcrypt-ed password without special characters being interpreted

it had to be in a SQL query too for and added challege

hopefully I will not need it anytime soon, imapsync for worked great for switching a mail server, cool tool

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been doing some other migrations and cleanup recently

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