> pycaffe depends on skimage to do image preprocessing. As skimage moved forward in versions, they decided to rename some function argument from as_grey to as_gray.

There goes my happy afternoon

@vae you are right about the workaround.

Performance of a job running in the background?

@vae "One way to work around this problem is to run graphical programs on a local VNC server so that they never get suspended. This is the workaround that I use the most frequently."

Yay! I can play YouTube videos using mpv on my crappy old laptop thanks to mpv and youtube-dl! 😄

I don't need to open the web browser so my 1,6 GHz cpu and 1GB RAM is more than enough. I've spent two days tinkering with the mpv.conf file but at last it has been a success.

No Google spying and few resources spent :)

Now, time to add all the feeds of the channels I follow to newsboat and to add the macro to open the videos with mpv.

#mpv #youtubedl

@phryk is it compatible with today's tools? Like yubikey or git commit signing?


@stepan there's lot of controversy, like clients do not verify it sufficiently or that the big players do not even use it. It is definitely not solving all problems, and it only protects against a few attacks, in my current understanding. Anyway, vďaka za koment

@stepan Well my old nameserver provider / domain registrar supported DNSSEC in one click, but my current one only supports adding an existing DNSSEC key from other authority to the domain record, i e. from Cloudflare or even my old provider.

Now it looks like I have to get back to the nameservers of the old provider with my current registrar to get DNSSEC to work.

Should I at this point strive to have DNSSEC enabled for as many domains as possible?

I have just read like half of the Internet about the importance of DNSSEC and I still have no clear answer.

@rudolf Nope, does not work for me either. Strangely, I have not needed to copy the text from PDF on the phone so far apparently, even less so for marking it.

Looking at permissions, you are right, it requires full network connection. Looks like an explanation is here github.com/JavaCafe01/PdfViewe

accidentally copied over some tildes ~ from one vim window to the other

apart from a slight color tone difference, they looked identical like the ones denoting EOF and beyond

happy debbuggin...

What does anti-bias training have to do with audio engineering? 

@celesteh wow, this is something that simply does not comes to mind

@rudolf What about PDF viewer plus? Just asking, maybe it does something I am not aware of, but I was pretty happy with it so far

@Phate6660 another instance of familiarity would be if you saw the movie Oxygen with Melanie Laurent, especially in the original dubbing


@telroy @rudolf right, it's the one. I was wondering what itch does it scratches...

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