Having a rootless Docker setup is so much more pain compared to rootful. Had I knew this two weeks ago I would never try to convert. Ever. There were at least a gazillion little weird issues I had to go through one by one. Learned an amazing pile of devops/*nix shit along the road lot though.

@peterbabic in the container?
I almost always write my own docker file if a project goes rootless.

@JoYo Not quite there yet. Used a pre-made alpine based one for this. It caused ndots DNS issues I wasn't prepared for.

In fact it had to be a way to properly learn ansible (make the playbook provision the VPS). I thought it would be just a routine learning. It was everything but a routine in the end, sigh.

@JoYo And so why do you write your Dockerfile for your rootless containers? I am curious.

@peterbabic I’m uncomfortable with a lot of these containers that don’t link or even publish the dockerfile used to create them. It’s more common than I’d like.

@JoYo how? would you mind showing an example?

Also, I think I saw layers in lazydocker TUI. Where do these come from?

@peterbabic ill try to remember the next time im working on a project that uses docker

@peterbabic you asked for an example, i don’t currently have one but ill try to remember to share when i see it again.

@JoYo Pardon me, I did not meant to be rude in any way.

I just do not got the concept of "docker images without the source" your are pointing to. That got me confused. Thank you for your insight and hopefully do not worry about the above too much.

of course, I wasnt clear with my earlier reply so I understood your confusion as soon as you mentioned it.

I've been multi tasking and bringing my pleroma instance up and down to try and fix a configuration issue.

@JoYo yea, I saw that replying is not your current priority and it is perfectly ok, get it fixed first

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