I have replaced a VPS root password on in one of my entries inside a kdbx database. A little panic happened, because I wasn't sure if the UI offers to reset the root password properly (there is an option but I did not test it yet).

Even worse, .kdbx file was synced into phone via Syncthing faster than I was able to disconnect if from networks (a few seconds).


Luckily, KeePassXC allows to restore the entry to some previous changes. What is curious however, changing a password DOES NOT create a separate entry in the history list, only other parameters do.

This means, that it is possible to lose password this way, if it is changed multiple times while not changing anything else about the entry.

@peterbabic That's not the case here on v2.6.6. I just created a new database with a single entry and password, saved it, edited the password and saved it, and a new history entry was created with the first password.

@proactiveservices 2.6.6 here as well. Can you please elaborate on 'the first password'?

Were there two entries with two separate passwords? Or two entries with the same password? Or just a single entry with the original password?

@peterbabic I created an entry named "test" with password "1". OKed the entry, saved the database.

Edited the entry, set the password to "2". OKed the entry, saved the database, then inspected it and saw that there was a history entry. It contained the password "1".

@proactiveservices Right, testing this the same way, I can se now the password changes saved as their respective history entries.

I must have had do something very weird then, that there was no entry for password. Anyway, thank you for a note.

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