I have just misclicked X on the follow request on Tusky, now I cannot even contact that guy because I did not catch the name

@peterbabic I love the way you went to password manager from microblogging at:

"While microblog posts can have a topic and in an overall picture they very much do. In the end, the human brain is really terrible at generating randomness.

This is why you should always use a password manager like KeePassXC to generate the passwords or passphrases for you.

You can even have the passwords synchronized with the phone."

Not me by the way.

@liberation I honestly have no idea why is it there. But nice catch, it looks really funny now that you point this out

@liberation but with the next paragraph kinda makes sense

"But in the short time scales, the microblog posts may even appear to be very diverse, even random. A link there, a photo there, an anecdote from the author's life in between."


Totally frustrating!

Can you look at your account using the web client to see if there is a notification still there?

@Algot I tried both but I do not see it anywhere. Hopefully they read this and resend the request

@Algot Thinking about it now, I would wish these two buttons were more spread apart in the small mobile UI

Do you user Tusky as well? I do not remember now


When I do use mobile for the fediverse, it is the Tusky client, but most of the time I do the Web client of Mastodon.

I am TERRIBLE at the mobile phone keyboard.

@Algot the same, I try to use phone keyboards as little as possible because it is frustrating

even written a post about many Android keyboard apps it in March

Imagine an Inkscape on the phone


I have trouble imagining effective use of Inkscape on a 13 inch laptop. My 15.6 inch is the smallest I enjoy using.

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