Advice needed

Email provider provides email aliases (but needs to adjust MX/TXT/NS/DMARC/DKIM/SPF for every aliased domain, pain in the ass).

Domain registrar provides email forwarding, that is trivial to set up (from -> to).

Q: Why ever use the former?

Although not using, the explanation is quite sufficient, so leaving it here.

Basically, no DMARC adjusting for spam and possible attachments size limitation, in addition to no sending.

@peterbabic Not sure if this is widespread but there’s a nasty problem w/forwarding using namesilo, for example: #Namesilo (NS) will not blindly forward all msgs b/c NS worries about their own IP reputation. So NS has set up a very defensive server which causes legit emails to be refused or blackholed. NS gives less of a shit about lost legit msgs than about its own IP reputation.

@peterbabic #Email is extremely unreliable as it is without forwarding. Then you add domain registrar forwarding into the mix & it brings in more points of failure for ham loss. And the ham loss is very difficult to detect and diagnose (lots of finger pointing between the different suppliers). Perhaps that problem is unique to #Namesilo but something to watch out for.

@peterbabic I would love to find an email provider that does not block spam in any way, because they all botch it and ham gets lost or rejected. I only trust my own client side tools to separate ham from spam.


@koherecoWatchdog wow this is very detailed explanation. I have partially already figured out that forwarding is just one another layer as you explained so I did not set it up in the end. Glad I didn't. Thanks

@peterbabic I should mention that I use forwarding for all my email addresses in order to protect the address from widespread disclosure. This mitigates spam in the 1st place and makes it controllable, but indeed I've introduced more unreliability into the system. I simply try not to use email with friends or for anything important.

@peterbabic I can't say these are reliable but these are some forwarding providers that /seem/ reliable enough for things like bank statement notices, forums, or shopping/webshop accounts →,,,, Certainly i've found particularly unreliable.

@koherecoWatchdog@freeradical.hove you written your finding somewhere btw?

@peterbabic I reported the issues in but I don't think anything came of it.

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