How do you guys usually write © ?

Definitely don't write that often enough to have a way of "usually writing" it.
So, yeah, copy-paste if I do ever need it. 🙃

However, I do know, how to type ™, because that is obviously essential for spelling out 'Temporary™ workaround'.


I currently write it as ©

but I did write it a few times in the past as (C)

parentheses + uppercase "C" + parentheses

@peterbabic AltGr, then (, then C, then ) and Ⓒ appears.

Using WinCompose.

@albi like the most common way you end up getting that symbol (or it's representation) to the screen, I think

@Porfirio that I would obviously miss even if mastodon allowed for more poll entries, thanks for noting this

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