been doing some other migrations and cleanup recently

hopefully I will not need it anytime soon, imapsync for worked great for switching a mail server, cool tool

@jackc wow, did not know about that... I was also considering offlineimap

@jackc looks like there is no AUR package for interimap nor pullimap

@peterbabic @jackc yes, I had to install it manually, but it's just a simple perl script which uses dovecot's imap backend.. indeed, it works well, I use it in combination with mutt..


@mig I looked at it and yeah, there was an executable PERL script and Makefile for docs but did not try to use it yet

since I am over the migration already, I would need to know if it can be used for something like a daily backups as well

can you confirm?


@peterbabic @mig I use it with dovecot as local IMAP cache. With some snapshoting it is IMHO usable for backups too.

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