self-host everything has it's tolls as many found out

@ruffni yes, after the excitement fades of it may not be worth it

@peterbabic yeah, that kinda sucks. in a more ideal world (than the one we live in now) we had our local sysadmin whom we'd trust managing the instances (email, fedi, irc, whatever) we needed. this persen were paid and we would have a decentralized, federated digital life, but i guess this will never happen

@ruffni how does it work now for ? I believe someone is volunteering

@methyltheobromine no, not at all actually. Just a little above 2GB out of 8GB available. I thought it would be much more based on other anecdotal stories

@peterbabic I tried to install mastodon once about a year ago to get a database dump to inspect. the installer crashed once, then almost ran out of memory on a 2GB server. this should be far more then enough for a single user instance (or no user instance because it was just a fresh install).
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