Trying to register online for the COVID vaccination in Germany:

the process breaks if you use an email with underscores in the address 🙄

Fucking "Neuland".

@fribbledom that's still fine. Here, it starts for elderly over 80 today, however the registration has a personal birth number check. But, the new birth numbers (divisible by 11 for error check) only started in 1954, so no 80+ can actually register online. Job well done 👍

@pet84rik @fribbledom How does the divisible by 11 thing work exactly? 🤔


@lx you need to add up digits on the uneven positions, then add up digits on the even positions, subtract both results and that needs to be divisible by 11. Birth number is in the format YYMMDDXXXX where women have month starting with 5 or 6 instead of 0 or 1. @fribbledom

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