An interesting day. Trying out different Linux live distros to see which would boot successfully.
Not many! It seems the hardware requires kernel 5.0 min, 5.6 best. Most still ship with 4.19.
Favs so far, obarun, funtoo, mint beta 20.
Beside the usual (Ubuntu, Debian, fedora & derivatives etc) what would you suggest?

Thanks for the suggestion.
I'll have a look although I put opensuse in the "usual" basket. I'm reluctant as too close to ms & uses systemd! However, I'll look at the live version.


@Horizon_Innovations there are snapshot versions (+ 15.2 will be relaeeased in 12 days) if you really need a more recent kernel.

Its mainly for the graphics card as the drivers are in the kernel! Patches from AMD!

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