I rebooted to Windows to edit one video for work.. Somehow, I do not feel like home 😞

Actually, a good person on Twitter wrote me this solution:

(defn sumsq3 [n]
(/ (* n (inc n) (inc (* 2 n))) 6))

But how can someone with no math background find something like this?

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One liner:

user=> (defn sumsq2 [n] (apply + (map (fn [x] (* x x)) (range 1 (inc n)))))


is fun so far.

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Free weekend ahead. Any recommendations of what I could do? Something interesting to learn, maybe?

Need a new router 😞 Gb LAN, of course, 5 GHz WLAN.. I saw some Zyxel for a fair price, so.. maybe that one. I only really need port forwarding for 1 IP and that's all.

If you do not believe me, here is a screenshot.. is built from sources, because, well, R59 vs R56.. right? also using mandatory for and that's all nested in a session.. and yes yes, of course, I am still using - I am not some crazy vimboy (let the flame begin) 😄

That 2 GB RAM machine is much much happier with - some free RAM, even with 3 tabs opened in Firefox (youtube, CNN and fsharp - so yes, fullsize webs, not some empty html document) 😄

Registered on tiktok, uploaded a "typical" tiktok content - screencast of my phone on which I'm doing (+ 1 1) in clojure interpreter. 185 views and 4 hearts / likes. Who the hell watches something like that on tiktok and gives likes to it? Who?

BTW, if someone is interested if is usable on a 2007 MacBook pro with mechanical HDD and 2 gigs of RAM with KDE, then the answer is. - kind of. Usual web browsing is pretty snappy, YouTube is so-so at 480p. SSD would help a lot.

Plus points for - I did upgrade over ssh (because the target machine is 1 meter away and I'm lazy) on WiFi and it went through it with no connection loss. Of course, I did not use abduco, so it was kind of a risky operation.

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