Happy little pen and camera fan friendly composition 😅😅😅

Pushing this laptop to its limits 😄 480p video is just about the best you can squeeze out without significant frame drops on this configuration.

I mean, this happens, when I actually do something in that other fram, for example if there is a web browser and I loaded a new page, scrolled down, then after the switch back to the alacritty frame, I am still scrolling the browser window.

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One tiny little flaw already found with ratpoison, but this can be as much an issue of the ratpoison as it is for alacritty - when I move focus to another frame and then back to alacritty, focus is still on the other frame, I need to go back and again to alacritty, then it works. With any other terminal emulator, this is not happening.

I have to say, it feels snappy on this crappy old macbook pro (C2D, 2 GiB RAM)... Let me config it a bit 🙂

Still on sakura, but I may test the alacritty here, under the ratpoison sesion.

I made a little program called xoop that does this

Writing fun + Kurrent fun (Parker Urban + Rohrer & Klingner Fernambuk).

My first Ramen experience. I put a looooooooot of fresh chilly into the soup and it's still not spicy. Fake chilly 😋😋

Enjoying sunny days and my last few opportunities to have a free day. So, not that much of a computer stuff is happening 🙂

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