New pen(s) day.

The very fresh Kaweco Sport Lavender, Collectors edition and Platinum Plaisir Nova Orange (also pretty recent release)

Day 2 of using my as a main workstation PC done - successful.

Self describing 😁😁😁

No, really, why the browser ad says that I should search for "Why my dog doesn't bake for me"?

P.S.: that number is a publicly available phone for a postal service, so...

For the first time since the install, I put my into test as my main production machine, I did everthing I needed to do for my social media side job on this machine. Photo retouching, a lot of spreadsheet editing, background music playing. Actually, I was happy that most of these task were possible to do inside a web browser, including skype, whatsapp, ...

and yes, I know that timezone and ntp are two different things, it's just something I sorted today at the same time, finally.

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Only now (yeah, sad) I installed and enabled ntp. No more "Factory" timezone 😄

Managing company social media is not fun. Not at all.

I decided to poke around in the .joerc file and set it a bit more

5.10.17 - living on the - edge of 😄

590 megs of RAM just because I already started Firefox and reopened the last session (yes, I am that fast).

Compiling in running in - no better example of the recursion, this should be in the textbook for programmers 😄

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