Making videos for Curious Programmer, this time it was about making a super needed script that will tell you the percentage of day that has already passed. In Screenshot taken on my toilet ssh access machine, also known as "smartphone"

Among all those COVID news, a really positive one - toilet on the International Space Station is now working again.

Do you know that feeling when you're breathing and all of the sudden you feel that "winter is coming" breeze? My experience, 2 minutes ago. Now that's why we have social media, I can share that instantly 😅

6.8 out... - "The current release is OpenBSD 6.8, released October 18, 2020. This day marks the OpenBSD project's 25th anniversary. " - so, also Happy Birthday, OpenBSD

Time flies when you are doing something interesting. For me, this is playing with my pens and learning programming. What is your time shifter?

(in slovak)

My 'mg' compilation fail, I ??forgot?? that it does not support UTF-8.. so sad, otherwise, it has almost everything I would need from a text editor that has no ambition to be an OS.

But on the other hand, on my installation works with no issues (OK, maybe not "without", but that may be a youtube issue as well). Maybe I will try to use it as my default for a while. Anyone of you using alternative   builds like waterfox or ?

usage on a testing sid installation is a bit of a failure. sad face 😢

A question for you, window manager users. Are you using a panel? If yes, what for? If not, why not, are you missing it from time to time?

Weekend. That means, free time for me, myself and my room, cleaning, recording a milcast podcast...

Ah, there is nothinge better than a good foodporn talk started with an innocent mustard post 😄

Oooh, this one is feisty, probably a pretty fresh batch. I LOVE IIIIIIT

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