@nekojanai This is what I think of when I think of pleroma, all it lacks is cat ears XD

Ok I fixed the st crashing issue. Apparently it happened because I didn't have unicode-emoji package, now things seem to be fine. Now I need to work on the python thing and everything will be fine again!

@stardot > using text mode browsers
Use wiby.me for those, a search engine for minimal websites. Also gemini and gopher!

Today I managed to find a copy of "History of Britania" on the internet, after reading it I can start playing Ultima IV: The Quest for the Avatar :blobcatgamer:

@sotolf Yeah bspwm is comfy :blobcatmelt: I have been using it for quite some time. I find it's more suckless than dwm is :blobcathappy:

@solidsanek I but it for the gameplay! :blobcatgamer: Wait what are we talking about again?

@oysmal Downloading pdfs to your phone and reading them through a reader app sounds like a decent setup to me.

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I released a new version of my app launcher launcher, Poki Launcher! It now has optional integration. sr.ht/~zethra/poki-launcher/

@moddedBear On one hand they look really cool, but on the other hand they apparently have a negative effect on accessibility.

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users: What do you think of ASCII art banners? Boosts appreciated.

@flamingkeys That's not even my number! My toots, when we factor in replies is around 20. Without the replies it ranges from 0-4

@MGD What I find interesting about it is unlike other suckless programs it doesn't follow the Unix philosohpy. dmenu is just menu, dwm is a window manager but it is also a keyboard deamon and bar.

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