Hey guys, can you help me fix up my polybar config? I got it from a guy at r/unixporn a while ago, when I got it, it appeared broken as well because I'm lazy I didn't bother fix it. I'm hoping to change that now, can you guys help fix this?
First picture is how it's supposed to look like and second one is how it actually looks:

I can't find the github repo I got it from. Reverse image search doesn't bring in any results and doing a search on github also doesn't work. I think I posted about this on reddit I will look there

Nah fuck this. I'd censor the curseword but that would require me to give polybar more respect than it deserves. This thing, SUCKS. How hard should it be to just use somebody else's configuration? Can you guys recommend me a way... WAY easier bar? The one where I could just change it's colors and move on?

@person it kinda just looks like it's calling some scripts that aren't set up right?

@icedquinn I don't know, I will look for the git repo maybe that would make it easier to troubleshoot.

@person polybar primarily runs scripts every so many seconds and then whatever the script returns it puts in the bar as text. the part that says "Trackback: ..." looks like its from a python script that is busted or somesth.

when i was using polybar for some stuff i had to make sure any scripts it ran had the right working directories too. otherwise it would run scripts from the wrong folders and they'd go all depry.

@person Seems like your font size is a bit too big for the place you have given it to me.

@sotolf I remember trying to make fonts smaller, but it didn't really help. Let me try again.

@person I think the mpd is not enabled for your build (check by polybar -v) or you don't have mpd. You probably should add a space after each of your icon for the icons to display correctly.

@person I just took polybar used the basic configuration deleted most of the widgets and changed the colours has been completely stable for me.

@person lemonbar or tint2 seem to be your only alternatives. I really like lemonbar

@werwolf @person there is also bspwmbar in the arch repo, but it's configured throug recompilation, so it might not be so much fun, there is also dzen2.

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