I've been trying Pleroma today.
Not gonna lie guys this is kinda awesome. You can post in markown, html and whatever BBCode is, there is a ton of themes, it's more customizable, it federates with GNU Social, it can apperantly run on a Raspberry Pi and on the instance I joined (blob.cat) character limit is 50000, so you can basically type forever.


Also there is a shoutbox, which is a thing we have because...?

@person its a local realtime chat with the people online on your instance

@gaige Well one could just throw an irc server in there. Or xmpp, not sure if it was necessary to build it into the social network itself 🤷🏽‍♂️

@person well, not everything in pleroma is added for strictly practical reasons. like the optional gopher hole and bbs server settings

@person it's a place to chat with all instance members. You also have mp
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