I've been trying Pleroma today.
Not gonna lie guys this is kinda awesome. You can post in markown, html and whatever BBCode is, there is a ton of themes, it's more customizable, it federates with GNU Social, it can apperantly run on a Raspberry Pi and on the instance I joined ( character limit is 50000, so you can basically type forever.

Also there is a shoutbox, which is a thing we have because...?

@person its a local realtime chat with the people online on your instance

@gaige Well one could just throw an irc server in there. Or xmpp, not sure if it was necessary to build it into the social network itself 🤷🏽‍♂️

@person well, not everything in pleroma is added for strictly practical reasons. like the optional gopher hole and bbs server settings

@person it's a place to chat with all instance members. You also have mp
@person The fact that Pleroma's so lightweight is pretty huge. It's still somewhat early in development it seems but if the setup process were made any easier that could dramatically reduce the barrier of entry to self hosting on the fediverse. I'm running my instance on a 10 some odd year old laptop with a mediocre home internet connection and I haven't run into a single problem yet

@nat Actually Pleroma is older than Mastodon it seems.

@person Hmm, yeah you're right. I was under the impression that Pleroma was still pre-v1.0 but it looks like they've come quite a ways further than I thought

@person Yeah, bbcode was cool (but nobody liked to use it) back in 2000s with forum software. Syntax was hard to type. e.g. []test[/url], [b]bold text[/b]

@adnan360 doesn't look very hard tbh. I'd say inline linking is easier than markdown on mobile.

@person Hubzilla has it too.

Does Pleroma allow placing images in between paragraphs? If so, it'd be amazing.

@person Then you can try Hubzilla. It allows you to place images where you want to, just like a blog post. I've been using it as an Facebook replacement and so far it's doing a good job. I wrote about it too a while back:

@person BBCode is the standard formatting that we used to use on forums a lot back in the day :)

@greypilgrim @person Oh no, I was moderating a couple of quite big phpBB forums back in the day, and we used a lot of BBCode ;)

@sotolf @person Yeah, yeah, I meant to the OP. I thought he was being sarcastic in not knowing what it was as a way of saying it's a pretty old standard at this point.

@sotolf @person I stood up my own phpBB3 forum on my own server around 2007 or so.

@greypilgrim @person Yeah that was towards the tail time that I was mostly active (Before military service)

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