At Last: an Affordable RISC-V Board With Desktop Linux Support

@person Sweet! I don't really know much about this stuff. What are the technical advantages (if any) of RISC-V vs. ARM? Or is it just about licencing? Or is there something else cool about RISC-V that I'm missing?

@iooioio As far as I know it's mainly about licencing.

@mangeurdenuage I don't know honestly, article doesn't talk about it.

@person Now, if IBM/NXP and Gaisler would do this kind of POWER/SPARC board... :02lurk:

@person There's the PPC Notebooks project, hope they can get it into production.

@person Sadly the chip they use seems to be big-endian only :ablobblewobble:

@person Mostly because some software accidentally assumes LE hosts due to it being the dominant ordering in consumer products, but otherwise I don't think that it's inherently harder to support

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