I'm considering, as the instance I'm going to use. Have you guys used it? Is it good or would you recommend another instance?

@person @gray it’s… limited. If you you end up getting pro, it has slightly more features, but honestly, you can get more out of Wordpress hosting.

I want to like @write_as or @writefreely , but it seems like there isn’t a whole lot of development going on around it.

@person @gray @nathand Out of curiosity, was there anything you were hoping to do but weren't able to?

Agreed that if you need more of a website than a lightweight blog, something like WordPress is probably a better fit. But development is very active! -- from our WriteFreely iOS app coming out next week to supporting tools like @submit_as.

@write_as @person @gray @submit_as Templates are a confusing mess, making it near impossible to customize, even if you just want to add some links to the navigation. No replies from federation as comments; no ability to easily change the site icon or federation icon, and more.

I get that write as is trying to build its brand and capital, but even static site generators are doing better than this.

@nathand @gray @write_as @writefreely Makes sense since Write Freely advertises itself as minimalist.

@person if you want to just write with none of the hassle of hosting, it’s pretty good. We use it for the Fosstodon Hub.

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