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I'm looking for something to monitor a page for textual changes. I'm happy to self-host.

Does anything exist like this?

What are people using for an email client on Linux?

I've got a couply account on my domains I want to put into one place and Thunderbird isn't cutting it for me.

What else is out there?

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Currently in the process of recording interviews for a new podcast about the people in science, about the human aspect of academia, the joy, successes and hardships of doing a , a , making a career in research. Are you currently doing a PhD? A postdoc? A master student looking into entering academia and uncertain of what to expect? And you have opinions on academia and a story to share? Or know anyone? DM me, I'd like to hear your story.

Boost at will

Anyone within the sound of this toot have any experience running large webinars?
5,000 - 10,000 participants?

I'm looking for best practices, pitfalls when running things that big.

Boosts appreciated.

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"Year Without Pants" is one of only two books I put on the recommendations list in my "how to work from home" guide. It's a great book and now free on Kindle so do check it out!

Direct Amazon link for those who use it:


Reinstalled proxmox. Opted to go with LVM volumes merged together instead of a ZFS pool (as I suspect either the hardware RAID card I'm not using or the 14gb of RAM not being quite enough for ZFS).

I was able to restore all of my containers from the NAS where I backed them up.

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Completely hosed my proxmox box last night. Something happened that I didn't catch. Then a combination between ZFS and user error did it in.

Rebuilding it in my Dell T20.
Trying to decide if ZFS is worth trying again.

Last 3 Days at government contract job.

Still answering the same questions for co-workers I answered for them a year ago.

Because taking notes is strictly forbidden.

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If you want to win at gift giving with small children, send them the coolest card you can.

Our current record is 7 months of a 3 year old running around with the card.

It brings them so much joy and they get mail!

They don't need more stuff, leave that to the adults.

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What are some things that every computer user should learn? What things do you wish every computer user knew? What are some of the biggest benefits that individuals and/or society could reap if computer users learned these things?

Please boost, I honestly want as many serious answers as possible. Feel free to answer variations of the question for different levels of "computer users", such as programmers, office workers who use a computer 4+ hours per day, phone-only users, etc.

Updated my desktop from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 last night since moving everything to the proxmox box.
Let's see what else I broke.

I'm looking for a Desktop app, not a place to store them. I've got storage sorted.

Just need a nicer way to manage them than staring at a list of file names.

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I'm looking to move some photos out of Google Photos.. but I don't know into WHAT?!

Ubuntu is main OS.
Android phone.

Willing to self-host something but looking for ease of use mainly. Something I can use to sort/tag/display.

Minor edits would be nice (crop/rotate/etc)

Any recommendations before I head to Search Land™?

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Here's a real life hack you may not be aware of -

Many city and county governments in the US have a mandate to dispose of surplus stuff via various mechanisms, and you, as a member of the community, can often get furniture, tools, electronics, and more, cheap or free, if you follow their offerings.

Might be time to pull the plug on the Pi Hole. Kept running afoul of the Wife Acceptance Factor in its usage.
Perhaps if I could split out the malware from the ads but many lists are a mix of both.
The main issues have been the redirect links Instagram and other sites use. The links break because of the random ad-tracker they use.
Breaking links isn't going to be accepted in this house.

I'm looking for a game where I can build a base with my wife on the couch.

Xbox or Switch.
Couch Co-op.

I want Don't Starve with a base. Or 7 Days To Die with an updated console version.

Any idea what I'm looking for?

DC Area / Remote

Anyone looking for a hard-working tech?
Background is a decade in Tier 2/3 Desktop Support, Webex, VTC, Video Streaming support. I'm dedicated to any project put in front of me and love learning.

I will step in and immediately help your team.

Let's talk!

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Are you in the US and have been prescribed stimulants (e.g. for ADHD or autoimmune stuff)? FDA is seeking public comments (deadline 11/19), here’s a commenting guide from a friend who’s a disabled lawyer fighting all the crap that makes it harder to get the right medications. Please read and consider commenting, even if you’re not going these messages atm, or perhaps a dependent or family member needs them. please boost, literally lives at stake here

Too many social networks. Not enough blogs.

I'm adding feeds to my reader. If you have an active blog, hit me with your http!

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