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naming your router Pete and your wifi extender Repete

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Happy to the badasses keeping everything running.

Relevant xkcd: 705

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I have failed a lot today but accumulated so many experience points.

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Just a Bar-shouldered Dove on the clothesline with some nice rim-lighting from the morning sun.

#bird #nature #photo #AustralianWildlife #BarShoulderedDove

the birdsite hack, internal security in general 

@sanspoint I often think about the level of access I've had at jobs. Even more so when the {C Suite} left me with their access to fix their email.

I still remember one of the first things I was told at a job in a GE Lighting call center where I worked as their PC tech.

"Don't email your favorite NBC person. Just because you can see their emails in the GAL doesn't mean you can use them."

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Nearly every platform and service we use is a stack of hacks on top of hacks on top of hacks, and wearing a trenchcoat.

@celesteh Confidence and walking swiftly and importantly are two keys to success for tech folks.

The first means you may not know the answer but are confident you can find it.
The second because you get grabbed less in the halls if you look like you're late to somewhere else.

@chartier They have. But as Apple and others have pulled back on making it easy or possible to repair, the Right to Repair movement grew up in response to that.

It used to be easier to repair things. Now with everything glued together, we're buying disposable tech. If it breaks, buy a new one.

@chartier Without the right to repair, there is no independent Apple repair shop. One needs the other.

Absolutely agree on most people not wanting to or being brave enough to crack open Apple devices.

@brownpau Doves are my favorite. They're birds that never quite look like they learned to bird.

@craigmaloney I need to give syncthing another look. I have a self-hosted Nextcloud that replaced Dropbox for wife and I. I setup syncthing but didn't really get it.

@kev Saw your post about the Codefund shutdown. This may be relevant to your interests.

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You can tell that big tech eats their users due to their starving when you are not around.

Twitter sends me an email about how it needs my attention. Pardon, that I "have [notifications] on Twitter". And I bet you that the only notification I have there is this stupid "in case you missed it" notification that you get when you don't surf twitter X hours a day.

Anyway, I enjoy the fediverse a lot more :) thank you people!

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TIL: In Firefox dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled can be used to prevent websites from blocking your paste (e.g. for a login form).


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Just now, a beautiful butterfly came into my apartment and landed on my job contract. It then inspected the terms and conditions with its trunk (proboscis). 😻

#nature #butterflies #photography #FujifilmXT2 #FujinonXF90mm
(photos: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

@markosaric has the .com for business. Not sure if that's the same idea but I know they do consulting as well.

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I love the sound of birds chirping during a summer's evening. There's just something so relaxing about it.

No other noise, just birds singing to one another. other noise except my wife on the phone to her friend! 😄

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My son (13) has been using lockdown to improve his CS:GO and Rocket League skills. He makes little montages of clips and puts them on YouTube. I'm impressed given he edits them on his school provided iPad! Give him a sub if you like that kind of thing. ❤️

@mike Chrome underlies so many of the Android's web views it will always appear in use. I use Firefox exclusively. But I notice when I use we web views of something, it's "powered by Chrome". is rocking my world.
Plain markdown files.
Point it at a directory in Nextcloud for sync.
Got it on Mac, PC and Linux and stoked to play with it.
Even has a daily notes feature.
I may be in love.

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