TIL I can press F6 to search in Nano editor instead of almost closing the window with CTRL+W every time.

Makes mucking about it proxmox much better!

@peroty what is this witchcraft? I’ve been pressing CTRL+W like a heathen for years!

@kev @peroty woah... Did not know this. Consider my mind well and truly blown

@pswilde @kev @peroty

Have you never used ^G (or F1) in Nano?, there are useful default keybindings listed

^G (F1) Display this help text ^X (F2) Close the current buffer / Exit from nano ^O (F3) Write the current buffer (or the marked region) to disk ^R (Ins) Insert another file into current buffer (or into new buffer)

^W (F6) Search forward for a string or a regular expression ^\ (M-R) Replace a string or a regular expression ^K (F9) Cut current line (or marked region) and store it in cutbuffer ^U (F10) Paste the contents of cutbuffer at current cursor position

^T Execute a function or an external command ^J (F4) Justify the current paragraph

^C (F11) Display the position of the cursor ^_ (M-G) Go to line and column number ^P (▲) Go to previous line ^N (▼) Go to next line M-▲ (M—) Scroll up one line without moving the cursor textually M-▼ (M-+) Scroll down one line without moving the cursor textually

^▲ (M-7) Go to previous block of text ^▼ (M-8) Go to next block of text M-( (M-9) Go to beginning of paragraph; then of previous paragraph M-) (M-0) Go just beyond end of paragraph; then of next paragraph

^Y (PgUp) Go one screenful up ^V (PgDn) Go one screenful down M-\ (^Home) Go to the first line of the file M-/ (^End) Go to the last line of the file

M-◀ (M-<) Switch to the previous file buffer M-▶ (M->) Switch to the next file buffer

^I (Tab) Insert a tab at the cursor position ^M (Enter) Insert a newline at the cursor position

^H (Bsp) Delete the character to the left of the cursor ^D (Del) Delete the character under the cursor M-Bsp (Sh-^Del) Delete backward from cursor to word start M-} (Tab) Indent the current line (or marked lines) M-{ (Sh-Tab) Unindent the current line (or marked lines)

@pswilde @peroty @kev

You can even unbind the defaults and rebind the keys using a custom nanorc, check out ‘man nanorc’

@Jase @pswilde @kev Nope. I've been trained by year of pressing F1 only to be met with useless "help" from other operating systems.
Yesterday I finally got fed up and went searching for nano alternatives. Which led me back to F6 (via F1's help menu).

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