As my selfhosting projects continue to grow, I feel like it's time to move everything off the same IP range.

Anyone have a good tutorial on how?

I don't have any router besides a TPLink Archer C3200. I also have a Qnap NAS.
Ideally I'd like to set the proxmox box on it's own IPs. Put little things like Wyze cams and Rokus on another.

But I'm nervous to mess with my setup. I don't have as much time to tinker as I used to and there's some things I need to not break (Nextcloud and VPN).

@peroty You will need a configurable router if you are going to create more subnets.
If you go with VLANs, you will need a capable switch.

You could try a software based router like OPNsense, ClearOS, among others.

@greypilgrim Thanks! The NAS can apparently do this virtually (it has two network ports) but the last time I tried I just broke it all. lol

Is there a reason I would (or wouldn't) want to spin it up as a container or VM on proxmox? Should it be a standalone device?

@peroty What are you referring to as "it" at this point? The NAS could be a VM if you connect it to the host drives. If you mean the router, sure, it can be a VM.

@peroty only way to do that is a better router and configured VLANs.

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