I need to nuke the Ubuntu desktop and reinstall a fresh 20.04 LTS on it. But I'm terrified I'm forgetting to backup something. Grabbed my home directory. And...?

Primary motivation is removing all the self-hosted stuff now I moved it to the server. And the incremental upgrades from 18.04.

@peroty Any terminal programs you installed and forgot about it? Any scripts placed anywhere else other than /home?

@thumb Nothing I've used in months. So nothing important.

That's why I have two partitions. Got 16.04 on one (unused) and 18.04 on the other. Soon I'll make a clean install of 20.04 over 16.04. I've kept a fallback older LTS since Ubuntu 10.04 and it served me well.

@normandc That's a good idea. This machine was a spare that became permanent. It has so much random stuff on it. But now all the experiments and random bits run in containers in the home server.

@peroty you have an option to nuke home partition via Live boot then reinstall Ubuntu on the same drive it should go fine and you will have a clean slate again.
Pls check backup twice just to be sure.

@peroty how big is your HDD? Do you have a drive external or otherwise big enough to hold a dump of the whole partition. Of so do that first then nuke it...if not your home folder should be safe...maybe config files from /etc you might want to grab...other than that should not be much else...

@mgrondin The drive in that machine is fairly small. But I have a server I'm going to dump the backup to.

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