Somehow I find myself learning Perl.
It's a weird year.

I knew of 2 or 3 places that were still Perl houses and had trouble hiring competent Perl people. Like COBOL, there's a bunch of it out there that needs to be maintained.

@oranje @peroty my full time job is a Perl web developer (not a legacy project, we write new apps in Perl) so, yeah there's still jobs. Perl is also just an awesome language to work with. Lots of well tested, robust libraries, extremely flexible syntax, and great support for making cli tools, what's not to love?

@splatt9990 @oranje I'm an administrator for Zoom & WebEx learning it for API calls so I came do more than copy, paste and pray it works.

@peroty @oranje cool, in that case, I'd suggest LWP::UserAgent or LWP::Simple for that depending on how complex your requests are. For responses, JSON::XS would be good if you have access to a c compiler, just JSON if you don't. You can find these modules on Perl also has extensive documentation available through the perldoc command. perldoc perltut should get you started but a complete list is in man perl.

@splatt9990 @oranje I'm picking up some existing work so I'm learning as I go and slowly trying to juggle this with the flaming world of video conferencing. lol

@peroty @oranje in that case good luck :). The reference docs are your friends. That and metacpan (it has docs for each of the modules, even the core ones.) If you're completely new to Perl I'd suggest reading the docs (at least a skim) on the data structures and how sigils work in perl. Sigils are one of the weirder parts of Perl so it's good to wrap your head around that. Might also be good to learn the basics of the debugger (perl -d)

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