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Penpot will be down for maintenance June 4th from 12.30 to 01.30 CEST (estimated).

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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It's Open Source Design monthly community call time again!

Today at 19.00 CET in our regular Jitsi room:

We'll be talking mostly about how we can spend our fund in Open

Ideas are here:

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#UX #Talk
"Ethics & Power: Understanding the Role of Shame in UX Research" a great talk by
(you need to create an account but it's free and there's a lot of other great talks on the platform so 100% worth it trust me)

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A great article by Rian Rietveld ( on how to design the perfect (accessible) link with guidelines on format, anchor, color contrast, states, semantic HTML, etc.

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Libre Graphics Meeting 2021 starts today and will be streaming talks until Sunday, May 30. Don't miss all the talks about @krita, Kdenlive, @inkscape, @blender, GIMP and other amazing graphics applications.

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"Extra Bold - A feminist inclusive anti racist non binary field guide for graphic designers" arrived. It's beautiful ♥️
I usually don't get paper books because they take space but this one is 100% worth it.

New Penpot Release! Penpot 1.6 - "Born to Run" 🔥

- Improved Performance
- Custom Fonts
- Shapes to Path
- Scale Text Layers on Resizing

What do you think?

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La dernière maj de @penpot c'est du joli !

J'aime, entre autres, :
➜ la possibilité d'uploader des typos customs (et ça génère les webfonts correspondantes!)

➜ pouvoir transformer les "shapes" en "path" d'un double clic

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Welcome to #Inkscape 1.1! We're excited to launch our latest version... with a Welcome dialog, Command Palette, revamped Dialog Docking System & searchable preference options, along with new exporting formats. Download for Linux, Windows or macOS :

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Google AMP is dead! You no longer need to follow any artificial restrictions set by the adtech giant in order to rank

New Penpot Tutorial!

One of our designers shows you how to use the Color Picker & Palette

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#Typography #Accessibility
Testing fonts for accessibility, an interesting short read by Colin Shanley to help you chose fonts with more legibility for all users

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Little zoom widget improvements by allowing to reveal an input field for manual writing the zoom value.

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1.5.0 alpha is out
amazing update:
- copy as SVG from Figma to Penpot directly
- basic math operations
- new path features
- autocomplete color in hex input
- ...

changelog -->

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Collabora is looking for a graphic designer. If that's your trade, and you are interesed in free software, apply!…

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