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New Penpot Release! Penpot 1.6 - "Born to Run" 🔥

- Improved Performance
- Custom Fonts
- Shapes to Path
- Scale Text Layers on Resizing

What do you think?

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La dernière maj de @penpot c'est du joli !

J'aime, entre autres, :
➜ la possibilité d'uploader des typos customs (et ça génère les webfonts correspondantes!)

➜ pouvoir transformer les "shapes" en "path" d'un double clic

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Welcome to #Inkscape 1.1! We're excited to launch our latest version... with a Welcome dialog, Command Palette, revamped Dialog Docking System & searchable preference options, along with new exporting formats. Download for Linux, Windows or macOS :

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Google AMP is dead! You no longer need to follow any artificial restrictions set by the adtech giant in order to rank

New Penpot Tutorial!

One of our designers shows you how to use the Color Picker & Palette

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#Typography #Accessibility
Testing fonts for accessibility, an interesting short read by Colin Shanley to help you chose fonts with more legibility for all users

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Little zoom widget improvements by allowing to reveal an input field for manual writing the zoom value.

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1.5.0 alpha is out
amazing update:
- copy as SVG from Figma to Penpot directly
- basic math operations
- new path features
- autocomplete color in hex input
- ...

changelog -->

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Collabora is looking for a graphic designer. If that's your trade, and you are interesed in free software, apply!…

Penpot 1.5 is out! New features to improve performance, user experience and visual design. Libraries enhancements, paths features, smart inputs and much more! 🎨

Would you like to contribute to Penpot? You can help with translations! If your language it's not on our list, you can just add it and start translating.

We use, a libre software web-based localization system.

All the info:

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Adobe Xd ce matin :

À compter du mois de juin 2021, les limites d’exportation à des fins de partage évolueront :

• Les designs pourront être exportés deux fois au format PDF.

déjà moi j'aurais dis "les designs NE pourront être exportés QUE deux fois" hein c'eut été plus honnête

mais surtout je pense que ça va accélérer mon passage à du coup

"Many investors see github stars as a nice validation. I agree, they are a nice "achievement". I just hope it means we can build a diverse and respectful community on top of that, that is the metric I care about."

Post by @diacritica:

New Demo!

Vector Line Illustration by Violeta Recio.

What do you think? We love it! 😍

We'd love to see your demos, designs & mockups !

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This week 12 awesome design students from got into contributing to open source projects – like, Kailona health and! 🎉

Hear about their experiences, communication and results 💬🎨


"Comentad sobre política y considerad una bandera roja si os lo impiden en vuestro trabajo. Las feministas y tantos otros colectivos discriminados sabemos y gritamos desde hace tiempo que “lo personal es político”".

Post de Yamila Moreno, COO de Kaleidos Open Source 🔥, sobre el

Do you want to help us? There are several ways you can do it! Translating, reporting bugs, coding...

All the info on our web!

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