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Hey @penpot
We just talked about you in our latest #LinuxLounge at (CN: german internet radio)
We really liked your way of doing things and how you give #foss a great tool to design beautiful apps! I am going to test your latest alpha soon. Hopefully we can #contribute some valuable feedback :mastoread:
Keep up your great work and ¡muchas gracias a todos que trabajan en penpot! :mastolove:

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#UX #Ethics
"Ethical Design Guide" because tech is always political so we need some resources on how to create ethical products that don't cause harm (by Sarah L. Fossheim

"Penpot is a browser-based design and prototyping tool entirely opensource and free to use for everyone. I can’t emphasise enough how much freely available software like this helps creators in less affluent parts of the world"


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👉 Your curated Design & Front-End resources:
- free design ebooks
- accessibility overlays
- neurodiversity in UXD
- illustration & codepen demos
- front & back of the front-end
- CSS layout
- flaws of design thinking
- a font for your IDE, etc.

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If any of you wants to help me test the new saving and loading of files, I'd appreciate a lot some feedback on this PR:

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Voting on the About Screen Contest entries is going to start soon :)

If you have submitted an entry, or still plan to do so, please:

* check that your entry has passed the quality check
* submit your entry before midnight (UTC) today!

Good luck to all participants!

Do you like Penpot? Help us spread the world 😉

You can review/comment on "Alternativeto", a crowsourced platform for software recommendations.

Do you want to learn Penpot fundamentals? Thread with our short tutorials. We’ll be adding more!

1. Workspace Interface 📹

🖥 🎨

Feeling like going back in time? Explore the dusty corridors of the Lost Abbey Archive and enjoy Medieval Ages hand-made drawings 🏰

A Creative Commons illustrations library by one of our designers, Juan de la Cruz.


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Happy Caturday from our "sister project", 😻

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