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A great session that gives a practical overview of the great @penpot design tool:) It's a practical project from the perspective of a new user discovering the tools as they go along.

It's in French however it's simple enough to follow along to see a practical example of how this tool is used.

#peertube #penpot #design #webdesign #opensource #foss #francais

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Calling all Entrants of the Inkscape 1.1 About Screen Contest! 📣

It is almost Deadline Day!

If you have entered already, check to see if you have a BIG "OK" badge stamped next to your submission.

If not, you have some edits to make... Please check the comments below your entry for the requested changes.

Submission closes at 23:59 (UTC) on 21st February.

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An incredible tool by @bnjbvr that adds live chat functionality to #peertube !

Give it a try here:

Enter the address of the live stream and the screen name you'd like to use, that's it:)

@ChrisWere you might like to try this next time you do a live stream.

#livestreaming #chat #framasoft

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@penpot this is a free and libre open source program along the lines of sketch and figma. it's in alpha but already very polished and advanced enough for them to dogfood their own development.

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A 19h45 je fais un live-test de @penpot par ici =>

Et je vais tenter de créer un espace pour tchatter en direct, mais je ne suis pas sure de réussir encore !

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Si je fais un test-live aujourd'hui de @penpot sur #PeerTube ça vous intéresse ?

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Sorry for the silence, but I guess a full architecture rewrite kinda justifies not being on social media...

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Looking for inclusive, free and open source illustrations for your next project? CocoMaterial can be just what you need 😍

Hand-drawn by Esther Moreno, you can customize and download whole sets of images (svg & png) 🎨

More info:

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Speaking of resources, are you aware of #iconduck ?

"110,780 free open source icons & illustrations"

It would be great if you could integrate it similarly to how Inkscape did with

#inkscape #yunohost #penpot #opendesign #design #ux #ui

Also, have you considered packaging Penpot for #yunohost ? It's much easier for less technically inclined users to self-host with one click:)

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Fantastic talk about the development of #penpot the open source design app! I had no idea it's the same developers who develop Taiga:)

#FOSDEM21 #taiga #foss #opendesign #design #UI #UX #opensource

There was a call to action at the end:

- give it a spin

- give feedback

- spread the word


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"Call for contributions to build a pan-European open source software inventory to help identifying the most critical open source software and tools used by public organisations across Europe.

To ensure a comprehensive inventory, the project team invites representatives of public organisations to participate in the data collection exercise by sharing their data on the open source software used in their organisations."


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On #Peertube it is possible to livestream via OBS Studio / #Jitsi Meet.

> If you want to broadcast a webinar or a conference very easily, you can also use Jitsi Meet for recording the event, and rely on PeerTube for streaming it live. It is very useful if you have an expected audience too big for Jitsi to handle, but actually only a few people talking.

You can start a webinar with a pure FOSS solution 🎉

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Nous sommes en train d’évaluer la solution @penpot en interne pour nos besoins en maquettage, prototypage, mockup, #UX/#UI design.

La communauté francophone est déjà active sur Rejoignez-nous !


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LibreOffice is free software - but that's means more than just zero cost. It's about having the freedom to use, study, change and share the software. Learn more here: (Oh, and how many free software project logos do you recognise in this image?)

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