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🔎Searching and filtering layers
Reach specific layers with a simple search.
You can also also filter the layers list per layer type (artboard, group, mask, component, text, image and shape).

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Penpot 1.14 Beta release new feature!!

⌨️ ­Colors selection
All of the colors that are contained within a selection of objects are showcased in the sidebar. Play with the colors of a group without the hassles of individual selection!

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Penpot 1.14 Beta release new feature!!

⌨️ ­Shortcuts panel
Shortcuts boost your productivity but are not easy to find and learn. A handy panel in your workspace with categories and filters will help you find the shortcut you need.

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Hello friday!!

Penpot allows you to prototype interactions by connecting artboards (which can act as screens)

Learn with Juan de la Cruz how to build interactive prototypes


Penpot 1.13 Beta release new feature!!

🌀­Members area redesign

Penpot is meant for teams, that’s why we decided to give some love to the members area. A refreshed interface and two new features! The Invitations section allows you to check the status of current team invites plus you now have the ability to invite multiple members at the same time.

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1.5.0 alpha is out
amazing update:
- copy as SVG from Figma to Penpot directly
- basic math operations
- new path features
- autocomplete color in hex input
- ...

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