Penpot 1.5 is out! New features to improve performance, user experience and visual design. Libraries enhancements, paths features, smart inputs and much more! 🎨

Would you like to contribute to Penpot? You can help with translations! If your language it's not on our list, you can just add it and start translating.

We use, a libre software web-based localization system.

All the info:

New Demo!

Vector Line Illustration by Violeta Recio.

What do you think? We love it! 😍

We'd love to see your demos, designs & mockups !

New Penpot Demo!

UI Web Design Concept, using as inspiration @opensourcedesign (

Share your design! 🎨

New Demo!

How to design a logo style tile with Penpot? An example for, our sister project.

Do you have a demo? Share it with us!

New Demo!

How quickly can you design an app with Penpot? Juan de la Cruz, Penpot Designer, shows us with this video.

I'd be amazing if you share your projects 😍

RTL support is now available!

Diversity and inclusion is one major Penpot concern. If you write in any RTL language text direction will be automatically detected in text layers.


Penpot 1.4: What's new?

- New "file selection" and "open files"
- New files/projects management
- RTL support is now available!
- New layer opacity and blend modes


New Penpot Release!

Penpot 1.4 brings new features to improve performance, user experience & visual design.

Try it now and let us know what you think! :)


Penpot Fundamentals:

9. Projects & Files

How to create new files and projects with Penpot? New tutorial!


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Penpot Fundamentals:

8. Libraries

How to manage our graphic assets, components, typographies... with Penpot? New tutorial!

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Do you want to learn Penpot fundamentals? Thread with our short tutorials. We’ll be adding more!

1. Workspace Interface πŸ“Ή

πŸ–₯ 🎨

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