Penpot 1.13 Beta release new feature!!

🌀Multiple exports
Speed up your workflow exporting multiple elements simultaneously. Use the export window to manage your multiple exports and be informed about the download progress. Big exports will happen in the background so you can keep designing in the meantime ;)

Get started, it´s free!!

Some of the new features that we'll have on our latest release

Some of the new features that we'll have on our latest release

Another new feature 😏

Nudge amount
Set your desired distance to move objects using the keyboard. This is a must when you're working with grids (if you're not, you might want to give it a try!)
It's amazing how big a time saver is to adjust that movement to your baseline grid

Register for our LIVE WEBINAR: Unboxing Penpot Beta.

Penpot is now beta! Join us on this webinar to learn all about our team's experience and vision in designing our beloved tool.

- December 1st
- 11am ET (New York)
- Register now

Don't want to register to get webinar updates? No worries, we'll share the link here on the day of the event.

Sometimes everything happens at the same time.
Yesterday, we didn't just announce our new Beta version! 🌊 We also launched new release 👉 1.10.0 Beta - Breaking the habit.💥 Boom!

✨New Features
🐛 Near 20 bugs fixed
⚡️Breaking changes

Have you already tested this new feature? 💥 Boolean operations! Countless graphic possibilities for your designs by combining shapes in 5 different ways:


Check out Penpot's latest version!

🕵️‍♀️ Which are the most common mistakes in agile projects? Our CEO (and Taiga's), Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz, will help you detect the symptoms that lead to agile antipatterns.

When? November, 17th.


Hey! We have something big to tell you...

Penpot 1.9.0 is out! 🎃 'Careful with that axe, Eugene'

👇 Including new features and performance 👇

✔️ Boolean operations
✔️ New prototyping triggers and actions
✔️ Multiple flows
✔️ Free libraries

View full notes release:

Do you want to create your own Design System but need some inspiration?
Download ours! 📩 And find other free templates and libraries in our new page:

Imagine that you have a presentation made at Penpot and want to share it with anyone or think that you just want to use your presentation offline: What do you do?

✴️ Easy! Export all the artboards of a page to a single PDF file.

Hey! Ever needed an arrow to point something when designing prototypes?

👉 With our last release, you can select different styles for each end of an open path: arrows, square, circle, diamond or just a round ending are the available options.

Have you already tried our new release? Now you can navigate through prototype pages of the same file at the view mode.

You can also create a shareable link deciding which pages will be available for the visitors. Sharing... is caring! 😃

Curious fact when creating latest release 1.8.0.

👉 We were trying to fix a bug on how exporting to PDF changed color of html text inside a SVG foreign object, and... it happened to be a bug from itself!😅

So we reported the issue and solve it with their great support team.

New Penpot Release! Penpot 1.7 - "Import to be Wild"

- Import & export Penpot files
- Resizing constraints
- Library assets management
- Paste components from file to file

"A team of amazing volunteers has created a huge open-source library of over 600 free-to-use icons for healthcare projects. Amazing effort to create a public good for the world." 😍 💊 💉

Project coordinated by Daniel Burka, who is asking the community to spread the word.

Bioicons: a library of 1632+ free, high quality science illustrations in vector format easily searchable and filterable specifically for the life science community.
All icons are under CC0 or CC BY license. By Simon Duerr

Penpot will be down for maintenance June 4th from 12.30 to 01.30 CEST (estimated).

Sorry for the inconvenience!

New Penpot Release! Penpot 1.6 - "Born to Run" 🔥

- Improved Performance
- Custom Fonts
- Shapes to Path
- Scale Text Layers on Resizing

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