We can’t be more excited to share that... 🎉 PENPOT IS NOW BETA!🎉
We’ve made a microsite to tell you:

⚡ Why beta now
⚡ What makes Penpot ready for beta version
⚡ From launch to beta and beyond!

If you love it, your team will love it. ❤️

🥳 Congratulations on this awesome product. And thank you for this contribution to the open source ecosystem ❤️🙏
#opensourcedesign #webdevelopment #UX #UI #design #figma

@penpot does this mean that we can now start working on it and expect our data will be migrated when we upgrade to stable? Or, can we expect some breaking changes and don't use it for production stuff?

@lutindiscret @penpot Mais oui! Penpot's "internals" are quite solid and there're no expectations of breaking changes. We take "migrations" pretty seriously. We have done the same with Taiga over the years. Not a single "disruption" ever with your data and projects. You could have used Penpot's alpha release cycle with no issues whatsoever regarding that aspect, TBH. We still need to add more features, polish this and that... but once we're in Beta, there's no turning back.

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