NEW RELEASE - Penpot 1.8.0 - 'My own summer'

What's new?

- Share options and pages on view mode
- Path stroke caps
- Navigable history
- Export artboards PDF

These are big new features that'll make a difference for many. Let us know how it goes.

@lutindiscret sorry for the late reply.
There's no specific date set yet because we're in the process to define that timeline very soon.

What would you need for Penpot to be a Beta? Is there any issue or more significant features you're missing?

@penpot IDK. It's just that we have a little french community and I made a poll about adoption. People are not trying it because "it's still alpha" 🤷 so I was wondering if/when that will change: there are some software which never get out of "alpha" for years 😨

@lutindiscret We're having discussions internally and we hope to launch the beta soon. We believe we're much closer to beta than we are to alpha and people shouldn't be scared to try it out.

We'll keep you updated anyway. Thanks so much for your feedback!

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