Penpot 1.5 is out! New features to improve performance, user experience and visual design. Libraries enhancements, paths features, smart inputs and much more! 🎨


Hello Penpot,
Congratulations, excellent work, thank you to the whole team.

Small question, I am having a lot of problems the last couple of days when I use penpot. For example slowdowns, freeze, ctrl+z that don't work, selections that don't work... do you have any other feedback like this?

@Troll Hi! Thanks! :) We don't, not like yours. There are some problems reported when files get pretty big and with paths. We are working on it and soon these problems should be fixed. Is the file you are working on right now pretty big?


Not really, it's a very light file.
No images, no svg, just a bit of typography and some geometric shapes.

Very strange, I thought it might be my connection but I've tried from several networks and I'm having the same problems.

I just wanted to point it out to you, for the moment I don't know what it is.

Hello ^_^/ , it's been 2-3 days since I last logged in.

Today I did not notice any particular problem, thank you for your concern <3

@Troll Thanks to you for letting us know about the problem :)

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