Do you want to learn Penpot fundamentals? Thread with our short tutorials. We’ll be adding more!

1. Workspace Interface 📹

🖥 🎨

Penpot Fundamentals:

8. Libraries

How to manage our graphic assets, components, typographies... with Penpot? New tutorial!

Penpot Fundamentals:

9. Projects & Files

How to create new files and projects with Penpot? New tutorial!


@lps Thanks! Any ideas for new ones or any other suggestions, here we are ;)

@penpot Did you consider creating a peertube channel? That would be awesome to have imho…

@lps @mray @pine64tilvids @penpot

TILvids has a standing offer to any open source projects that we'll be glad to host any demo videos they have to help promote and bring awareness to their project!

@tilvids @lps @mray @pine64tilvids

Thanks so much to all of you! Yes, we were looking into it, but the weeks before & after the release have been busy 😅

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