I think having pets teaches you humanity.

I saw this on my way to work a few weeks ago. It's tax season in the United States.

My kitty, who usually ransacks a room trying to catch a bug, would not even go to his food dish after a long day of being hungry because there was a giant cockroach nearby.

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Boost this and I will assign you a UUID

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If you're at all interested in "logosbynick" is the guy to watch! By far the best tutorials on the subject


Are there any artists/creatives here (or do you know any) who are making their full-time living as a creative person entirely with Free Software and without using services like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc?

The latest from The Burly Skew:

"This piece is not about veganism so much as that people on opposite ends of a position can have equally valid reasons for what they believe."


I feel a little greasy about this, but I'm probably going to create a Facebook page for my art and animations. Realistically, it's the only way the majority of my target audience would keep up with my progress. And without an audience...well, if you're a creative person, you understand.

I've started animating (again). Here I remade an old one as a warmup using all Free Software.

Two mailbox buddies bicker over guy talk.



I'm blogging the process at:

I only got as far as Trig in college, so maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how this makes mathematical sense. I do see the pattern, though.

I just ventured into the Federated timeline for a moment and realized just how appropriate the word "toot" is for what's coming out of some people.

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