I guess window managers don't have much need for updates. The latest stable XMonad was released in 2018, and the latest stable Fluxbox was released in 2015. Should using these be a security concern?

There are some really awesome artists at pixelfed.social. I'm glad I joined.

Where can I find codes for the symbols that appear next to our usernames?

Aside from I'm also trying . Anyone else have experience with that?

I just joined PixelFed:

I don't know how to link there yet, so this was my first drawing posted:

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@dansup I'm considering joining Pixelfed to host artwork, but which one? .com? .org? .social? I don't know the difference.

Anyone else using NordVPN on Linux? I decided to try it for three months. I'm not crazy about third-party software being installed at the root level, so I may run it from Debian within a qemu virtual machine.

I think having pets teaches you humanity.

I saw this on my way to work a few weeks ago. It's tax season in the United States.

My kitty, who usually ransacks a room trying to catch a bug, would not even go to his food dish after a long day of being hungry because there was a giant cockroach nearby.

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