@peexea @batalanto @privacytools Contradiction Finder is a concern troll who I am not sure how I have not blocked... Will be fixing that. If you read the Issue you will see why we've continued to recommend it.

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Well, I've read it. It looked like 3 or 4 screens of throwing shit at each other.

I didn't get one thing. Desktop and mobile clients are open-source. Why don't we just team up and examine it.

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By doing so we can figure out practically all privacy problems has.

1) where are keypairs generated and how are them transmitted to the server?

2) Whole architecture and implementation of . Whatever it really encrypts all the things it should encrypt and how it communicates with server.

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Yes, we do not know, what they do on their servers, but by analysis of the client we can prove, that __can not__ stole any private information.

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Speaking of "IP leaks and server usage statistics".
Any client-server program has the possibility to do it, even .
With foss server we can prove that _this_ server does not collect usage statistics but we'll newer prove that this particular hosting uses this particular code.
That's why any security model considers the server untrusted.

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Moreover, we live in the world of fully used adress-space. Your IP is useless, unless the attacker coop with your provider or somehow know the sequence of your IP and NAT changes.
(Totally useless, if you are using VPN.)

@peexea @privacytools @thinkprivacy please either quote what you are replying to or drop me from the mentions.

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