You know what I would love for Mastodon client, an option follow whole instances at the instance level, to create a "neighborhood" feed between local and federated, made of these instances' local feeds.

Alternatively, a way to whitelist instances that shows up in the Federated feed, it would have the same effect.

In Sweden there are statues to commemorate the day when Danuta Danielsson, a Jewish housewife whose mother survived a concentration camp in WW2, hit a marching neo-Nazi on the head with her handbag in the town of Växjö.

Announcing the SourceHut project hub 🎉

I don't usually explicitly ask for shares, but this is a big deal for SourceHut - the project hub solves one of our major goals for the alpha. Please help spread the word ❤️

#git: to send all of the changes you've made today in an email, use:

git send-email HEAD@{yesterday}

Hey, you

Spend this evening installing and playing around with Plan 9:

Go deep. The source code is installed at /sys/src. Seek out how things work, read the man pages, see if you can't get this and that working.

If you do, no other evening will have a greater impact the way you think about computers.


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