@kmicu update: now if you visit odon.cz , youll see a web page

thats it though, i havent put anything else there

generating dh parameters on a raspberry pi

> This is going to take a long time

it sure is...

@kmicu interesting! anyway, look forward to seeing _something_ hosted there... soon...

the only thing stopping me is that i am really bad at naming things

give me a valid domain name that is cheaper than £20/year and ill host some stuff on it

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Stop hating on server software!

nginx is ESSENTIAL
apache is ENTERPRISE
postgres is RELIABLE
ssh is SECURE

created my first pull request for an open source project o.o

installed nixos

i think the distro hopping is over for now

the install process for nixos was much easier than that for void or alpine, particularly the luks on lvm part (although i did have to look up a guide online)

anyway i like how nix/nixos works and will probably stay on it for a while


does anyone here use alpine linux on a desktop/laptop? if so what is your experience?

(im distrohopping again)

update: there is a flatpak available for discord on flathub & since flatpak allows glibc software to be run on a musl system, that means i can use the discord flatpak on void musl

@clacke one more reason to dislike electron i guess 🤷‍♀️

is there any way to separate the volume level of speakers and headphones in alsa or would i have to use pulseaudio to do that?

@clacke yeah, i completely missed that solution despite it being so obvious...

@wizard oh yeah you can use firefox in the browser

completely forgot about that lol


anyone know if its possible to get discord working on void musl?

could be a 3rd party client, i dont mind but the official binary is glibc i think so i cant run it :/

(btw pls dont ask why im using discord i know its "bad"... i dont really want to use it but i kinda have to)

thanks :)

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