why does nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade want to download literally _every single package_ i have again? even if there is no version upgrade???

this sort of stuff makes me want to just give up and install ubuntu...

@peanutbutter144 If that’s the case then something changed for sure.

If almost everything is affected then some core package was updated (maybe a security fix in SSL) and now that change must be propagated through the system to make it reproducible.

That’s the trade‑off.

@kmicu hmm, ok. i guess ill leave it updating overnight tonight and see how it goes.

apart from this one issue, ive really liked nixos. but every now and then i wish i had chosen to use a more popular / lower maintenance distro...

@peanutbutter144 if downloading the whole system more or less every month is the deal breaker then I recommend switching to a traditional/mutable distro cuz that ‘we need to re‑download everything almost each month' part will never change in Guix/Nix (or any other reproducible system).

I think those projects should more prominently display and talk about their trade‑offs like much bigger disk usage, a lot more frequent compilation, and much bigger network bandwidth requirement.


@kmicu ok. i knew about the disk usage, thats mentioned somewhere easy to find on nixos.org but i didnt know about the amount of recompiling and network usage until i experienced it myself.

so i agree that nixos and guix should make that more prominent.

if the recompiles and full system re-download are as often as once a month, i might consider intalling a traditional distro instead, thats a bit top often for me i think...

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