I really wish there was a 'save post' function so I could come back to a thread later to see how the conversation has developed.

Currently I usually only ever see a post once, unless someone boosts it later.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, please tell me if so, but I would like to just press a button on a post and have it saved in a private list (without notifying the poster).

Kinda (read: exactly) like reddit's save function.

IDK tho maybe that isn't how microblogging is supposed to work.

@peanutbutter144 On web, you could always just bookmark it to a folder?

@george_ that is true, but I do most of my mastodon-ing (?) on my phone on Tusky.

@peanutbutter144 @george_ isn’t that what “favoriting” (the little star) is for?


@tnova @george_ yeah I guess they're pretty close. I didn't know you could access your favorites as a list until just now.

But favouriting a post notifies the author, so not quite what I am looking for. But close enough that consider this problem Solved.

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