Has anyone here got working on ?

If so, do you have any tips on getting it working? I've got this error and don't know how to fix it...

django.db.utils.OperationalError: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "funkwhale"

@peanutbutter144 Looks like the database password is wrong... (but where to set it: no idea. Possibly in a config file.)

@anathem thanks for the quick reply! I've got the logs and think they could be helpful in resolving this problem, I just don't know whether I should upload them in case they have secrets I shouldn't be posting publicly.

Do you know if these (specifically, /var/log/yunohost/categories/operation/*-*-app_install-*.log) logs contain such info?

@peanutbutter144 Doesn't seem likely... I don't know yunohost, but typically I'd expect the database to be configurable via web interface. Then you'd just have to copy the password into the funkwhale config file.

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